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Generate Power

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Store Energy


Power Your Home

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Use stored power to power your home daily

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Recharge daily with clean power from your solar PV

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Keep your appliances running without interruption

Energy Security

Reliable Power Solution

Renerlite is a compact energy solution with built in storage device, power control and power conversion unit to store power and produce power anytime you need it.

Renerlite keeps your home powered using clean energy from the sun through solar panels producing power without producing noise or the need to spend daily on fuel. Renerlite can keep your appliances running everyday without the need to depend on external grid.

Generate power from the Sun and use it to power your home while storing excess power in your Renerlite Classic

Use stored energy to power your home anytime, including night time when the sun is not shining

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Renerlite Specs

  • Renerlite Classic
  • Output Power
  • 1000VA
  • Solar PV Capacity
  • 180W (Max 360W)
  • Storage Capacity
  • 1200WH
  • Output Voltage
  • 220VAC
  • Charge Mode
  • Solar and Grid (PHCN)
  • Dimension (cm)
  • 58 x 48 x 23.5
  • Weight (kg)
  • 40
  • Price()
  • 745,000
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  • LED Bulb LED Bulb
  • Mobile Devices Mobile Devices
  • Laptop Laptop
  • Washing Machine Washing Machine
  • LED TV TV Set
  • Blender Blender
  • Fan Fan
  • Printer Printer

Power your workstation uninterrupted!

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